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The Reef at Our Lucaya

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The Reef at Our Lucaya

The 18th Fairway

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The Bottom Line

If you love tropical climes and warm weather golf, the Reef Course at The Westin and Sheraton Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort in Freeport, Bahamas, is a course you'll want to play. The fairways are wide and forgiving. The bunkers are just a little scary, but not really so difficult to avoid. All that's needed is a little careful thought and some restraint.


  • A course for golfers who like to take a little extra time
  • A links course designed by Robert Trent Jones


  • Often tough when the wind is blowing
  • There's a real need for accurate shot-making


  • A fine golf course and a genuine challenge
  • The bunkers are many and seem to gather every wayward shot
  • The greens are flat but the speed is often deceiving

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The Reef, at Our Lucaya, is a Robert Trent Jones-designed links-style course. Opened only recently in 2000, it requires a solid short game if one is to score low. The wide, close-cropped fairways are forgiving but the daunting array of bunkers that protect the greens will punish any wayward shots.

Jones, while staying within the bounds of design excellence, has given his players a wide range of choices in their approach to the greens. The bump-and-run, ever the popular route to the pin on the links courses of Scotland and coastal England, is probably the best way in for those who might be intimidated by the army of bunkers stationed around the course. Opt for the wedge and go for the pin, and you’d better be on your game. If not, you’ll be doomed to visit the sandy wastes.

The greens are large and, for the most-part, fairly flat, but the speed of those greens can often be deceptive: a score of five or even six on a par 3 is not out of the ordinary. Then there’s the wind that blows unpredictably in from the ocean and, as if all that is not enough, there's water present on 13 of the 18 holes.

The good news is that time is not always of the essence at the Reef, as it always seems to be at the most popular courses on the US mainland or in Europe. Here, you can take your time over your shots. The course is rarely so busy that people are waiting in line on the tees.

The Reef is long, almost 7000 yards from the back tees, but take a tip: leave your driver in the bag. This is a shot-maker’s course where a three wood or long iron will serve you better than your favorite big-face driver.

Of all the great golf courses in the Bahamas, the Reef Course rates as one of the best.

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