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Orange Lake Golf Resort - The Reserve Golf Course

The Reserve Golf Course at Orange Lake Golf Resort


Photograph of The Reserve Course at Orange Lake Golf Resort

Photograph of The Reserve Course at Orange Lake Golf Resort

Photograph Courtesy of Orange Lake Golf Resort

Make sure to check out the newest of Orange Lake's signature gems, The Reserve. This phenomenal par-71 golf experience highlights the harmony between perfectly manicured greens and the carefully preserved surrounding wetlands, home to a variety of native plants and wildlife. A product of this masterful $8.5 million renovation and redesign of the The Resort Courses' Orange, Lake and Cypress nines in 2005, architect Mike Dasher has taken this section of the first course, originally designed by Joe Lee, and turned it into one of Orlando's greatest new, challenging golf experiences.

The Reserve is one of the very best values in town. Want 36 holes? Their fabulous sister course, the Legends, is just a 3-wood around the bend!

Fees for golf only: from $31 to $83, depending upon the day of week and season of the year.

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