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Golf Courses and Resorts in Orlando


Golf Courses and Resorts in Orlando
Holes 6 and 12 at The Villas at Grand Cypress, Orlando

Holes 6 and 12 at The Villas at Grand Cypress, Orlando

Photo Courtesy of The Villas at Grand Cypress, Orlando

Orlando, so I'm told, is the top vacation destination in the U.S. For us golfer's that's especially true. There are more golf courses and resorts in Orlando and its environs than anywhere else in Florida. During the past 30 years, or so, the area and the sport has exploded. Today, there are more than 50 fine golf courses and resorts within 25 miles of the city center. To support these golf courses, there are a dozen or more grand resorts, some of them world class in every sense of the words; Grand resorts, such as the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes and the home of the Mouse himself where you'll four amazing, championship golf courses to play: Walt Disney World Resort. All-in-all, we really do find ourselves spoiled for choice when considering a golf outing to Orlando

In my quest for the ultimate Orlando Golf experience, I have cast my net as far west as ChampionsGate, some 25 miles, and a similar distance to the north and to the south. Many of the world's top golf course designers and developers have made their mark on the "City of Magic" always striving to preserve the great natural beauty of the greater Orlando area: vast tracts of wetland, towering old-growth oaks, magnolias and native pines. Today, many Orlando Golf Courses are ranked among the best in the world, and certainly many have become personal favorites of mine.

These are the golf courses and resorts I have personal knowledge of. I am happy to be able to recommend them all without reservation. The list is still somewhat short, but it will grow with time. Enjoy:

The Courses & Resorts:

The Hotels:

It's always difficult to decide which hotel will work best for a golf or family vacation. That being so, here is my personal guide to Orlando Hotels.

How to get There:

The closest regional airport is Orlando International Airport. The airport is served by all major US airlines, including United, Delta, Continental, US Air, AirTran, American, and Northwest, and by Air Canada and major airlines from Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Central Florida offers an amazing diversity of golf courses and resorts to choose from. These are the ones I can personally recommend.

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