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Trump National Doral Miami - Where the Gods of Golf go to Play?


Trump National Doral Miami, Miami, Florida
Hole 14, The Island Hole, The Jim McClean Signature Golf Course

The Jim McClean Signature Golf Course, Hole 14, The Island Hole,

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Trump National Doral Miami is, and has been for a very long time, one of my favorite golf resorts in of Florida. And, with five championship golf courses designed by such masters as jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Jim McLean... why wouldn't it be? Back in the 1970s, more years ago than I care to think about, a friend and I tentatively planned a trip from England to what was then Doral Golf Resort and Spa. Sadly, it was not to be. That friend, a wiry little Scotsman, only 5 feet 5 inches tall but with 4 handicap (he's long gone now, to the great golf club in the sky), suffered an accident and we stayed home. Today, I have a more than a couple of visits under my belt. It's an amazing golf destination famous for its magnificent Blue Monster golf course. But, as we all know, there's more, much more. The Blue Monster is only one of five championship golf courses at Trump National Doral Miami, the latest of which, the Jim McLean Signature Course, opened in May of 2009 to rave reviews. Add The Great White, a Greg Norman desert layout, and you have what is, perhaps, the quintessential golf destination.

Doral Golf. As I have already mentioned, there are five championship golf courses at Doral. I was able to photograph three of them in detail: the Blue Monster, the Great White and, of course, the Jim McLean Signature Course. Spring was in the air, the grass was green, the flowers blooming and it was comfortably warm. Man-oh-man, was I in heaven? You bet. This is land where the Gods of golf come to relax.

As part of the ongoing renovations at Trump National Doral, the Blue Monster layout has undergone a complete redesign. With Donald J. Trump and architect Gil Hanse working together, the historic Blue Monster Course 7,125-yard course features "a series of strategically placed bunkers, long fairways, undulating greens, deep Bermuda rough and a unique assortment of water hazards - all of which combine for a course that requires both length and finesse to score well." So, would you like to take a quick peek at what Trump national Doral has to offer? Ok, here you go:

The Resort Hotel at Trump National Doral Miami is also an experience like no other, although it is presently undergoing extensive upgrades. I was fortunate in that I had a room overlooking the 18th green and the Bridge of Champions, but no matter the room, or where it's located, the experience is the same - Doral is infectious, and once bitten you'll only want for more. The rooms are luxurious, the amenities extensive, and the staff must have been trained by Hestia herself. Doral is a class act that can be compared to only a few others like it worldwide.

Then, of course, there's The Spa, and oh what a spa it is. Now, during the course of my travels, I've seen some pretty opulent spas. The Spa at Doral, however, is in a class all by itself. It stands head and shoulders above the rest. Nowhere else have I come across a spa as opulant, relaxing or self-contained as this one is. You can visit for a week - more if you like - and you need never step off the spa premises. They have their own guest rooms and suites, restaurants, pools, fitness center and a whole host of amenities too long to list here. As spas go, this is one I can highly recommend.

The Restaurants at Doral are also on a par with overall high level of ambience and service offered around the resort. There is something going on - food is available - almost around the clock. And, with eight restaurants, grills, café's and bars to choose from, there's something to suite every taste and need.

Recreation is at a premium at Doral. Aside from the obvious - the five golf courses - there are four pools, a fitness center, jogging trail, the aforementioned Spa, and whole host of off-site attractions all with a couple of miles of the resort.

The Jim McLean Golf School. No trip to Doral would be quite complete without a golfing tune-up and The Jim McLean Golf School is just the place to get it done. Jim employs a team of world-class, professional instructors so you know you'll be taught by people who've made a living from the game: some have done much better than that. 

Just For the Kids. Finally, you can rest assured that the kids will be well looked after too. Camp Doral is a self-contained kid's resort where you can drop off the youngsters while you enjoy the resort, play golf, get a treatment at the spa, or just relax with a good book by one of the pools. All the time knowing they are being well-entertained, well-looked after, well-educated and that there's plenty to keep them busy no matter how long you may be gone, and all under the close supervision of the Camp staff.

How to get There:

There are two major airports serving the Greater Miami area: Fort Lauderdale Airport and Miami International Airport. These two airports are served by almost all major US airlines, including United, Delta, Continental, US Air, AirTran, American, and Northwest, and by Air Canada and major airlines from Europe and the United Kingdom.


Doral Golf Resort & Spa
4400 N.W. 87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
(305) 592-2000
(305) 591-6653(fax)

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