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Ocean View Golf Course, Bermuda - A Review

The Best Little Golf Course in Bermuda - Ocean View Golf Course


Photograph of Ocean View Golf Course, Bermuda

Ocean View Golf Course

Photograph Courtes of Ocean View Golf Course

Ocean View Golf Course is seven minutes from Downtown Hamilton. A picturesque layout set high on a bluff on the North Shore of Devonshire County, it's easily the closest of any of the island's nine golf courses to Bermuda's capital city. Ok, with its own four-star rating from Golf Digest magazine, broad ocean views, and all the colors of Bermuda laid out for you to see, Ocean View Golf Course has to be the best little golf course in Bermuda.

For more than 20 years, now, I've been visiting Bermuda. Over the years I've seen just about all there is to see on and around the island. I don't think, however, that I've ever visited another spot in the world where the feeling of tranquility in the early morning on a cloudless sub-tropical day can compare with of standing on the first tee at Ocean View. The gentle breeze blowing in off the ocean, the incredible view down the first fairway, the clusters of coral-colored homes away in the distance, and the azure waters of the Atlantic ocean; this is the Bermuda I will always remember.

Course Specifications:

Ocean View Golf Course is a 9-hole, par 70 layout that you have to play twice to get 18 holes in. Now don't let that put you off. This is a great little course and I absolutely love it. You play 9 holes out, and then you play them again in reverse order to give you the 18. The 18 holes play 5,880 yards for a rating of 68 and a slope of 130. I've played this course; it's a little terror: fun but definitely a shot-maker's layout. Add the views and a couple of cold ones along the way and you have a memorable day of golf.

Green Fees:

  • $50 for 9 holes; $60 for 18 holes.

Where to Stay:

I suggest you try the Rosedon Hotel.

  • Compare Prices.
It's conveniently close to Hamilton, Ocean View, and all the other golf courses in Bermuda, and I can personally recommend it. Better yet, it's on the main bus route, which means all the island's amenities are close at hand for you to enjoy.

How to get There:

The closest airport is Bermuda International Airport. The airport is served by most major US airlines, including United, Delta, US Air, American, and Northwest, and by Air Canada and major airlines from Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Ocean View Golf Course
2 Barkers Hill
Devonshire DV 05
(441) 295-9092

Bermuda has nine golf courses for you to choose from. Ocean View is one of my favorites.

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