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The ANNIKA Golf Academy - A Review

Review of The ANNIKA Golf Academy


Photograph of Annika Sorenstam

Annika at the 2008 US Open

Photograph Courtesy of Getty Images - David Cannon

Ginn Reunion Annika Sorenstam Golf Academy. There’s only one way to introduce this review and that’s to use Annika’s own words:

” Growing up as a little girl in a small town in Sweden, I always dreamed about one day playing professionally on the LPGA Tour. It seems like only yesterday that I called my father to pick me up at the driving range on a rainy afternoon. When he arrived he saw other kids continuing their practice as the rain poured down. As we drove away he said, " You know Annika, there are no short-cuts to success." That simple statement came twenty three-years and sixty-nine LPGA wins ago, but I must admit that it still inspires me today."

How could anyone not agree with her? For more than 20 years, Annika stamped her mark on the LPGA. Undoubtedly, she has mastered her craft, skills and techniques that have allowed her to reach the top of her game. Now, her dream is to share it all with us. The ANNIKA Academy is her vision come a reality: a “boutique school” that will cater to small groups and provide individualized golf instruction and custom made fitness programs. It’s a unique concept housed in a state-of-the-art facility at Ginn Reunion Resort near Orlando, Florida.

The ANNIKA Academy:

The ANNIKA Academy is housed in a spacious 5,400-square-foot facility, built with specification to service every potential need that guests could desire. A modern fitness room with top-of-the-line equipment and full-service locker rooms will provide a complete health club experience. Two large hitting booths were created for covered swing training, video analysis and Callaway Golf club fitting.

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Central Florida offers an amazing diversity of golf courses and resorts to choose from. This is one I can personally recommend.


Ginn Reunion Resort
1000 Reunion Way
Reunion, FL 34747
1-888-ANNIKA-2 (1-888-266-4522)

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