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Find The Best Golf Courses in Las Vegas, Nevada


Find The Best Golf Courses in Las Vegas, Nevada
Photograph of Rio Secco Golf Club, Las Vegas

Rio Secco Golf Club, Las Vegas

Photograph Courtesy of Rio Secco Golf Club
There are some 70 golf courses in Lost Wages, along with a couple of dozen major resorts with golf course affiliations, and that could be a problem for us when planning a golf vacation. So how do you find the best golf courses in Las Vegas? The answer, until now, was not clear. I spend many hours searching the web, via Google, but never could come up with a definitive source of helpful information. So, I figured I’d just go ahead and build one of my own.

Ok, so I’m not claiming, at least at this point, that it’s the complete answer to all the questions you might have, but I’m striving away with that goal in mind, eventually. In the meantime, what you’ll find here is my own outlook on the major, truly visitable golf courses in Las Vegas. Along with each listing, you’ll find a review of the facilities, the golf course/s, with helpful information that will help you budget your trip: green fees, where to stay, and how to get there. The list will, of course, continue to grow over time, and as I continue to gather new information.

You’ll also find a couple of shorter and more specific lists of courses and resorts at the end of the main, alphabetical listings below:

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How to get There:

The closest airport is Las Vegas International Airport. The airport is served by almost all U.S. and Canadian airlines and by many others from around the world.

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