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Golf in Los Cabos – Golf in Cabo San Lucas and Cabo del Sol

Great Golf in Cabo San Lucas and Cabo del Sol


Photograph of Cabo San Lucas harbor

Cabo San Lucas Harbor

Photograph Courtesy of Cabo San Lucas Tourism

Golf in Los Cabos and the Cabo San Lucas area has, in the span of just a few short years, become something of a phenomenon. In fact, it’s become one of North America’s hottest golf destinations.

I always wanted to visit the Baja Peninsual, ever since I read about my historic countryman, Sir Francis Drake, and his adventures thereabout. True, back in the late 1600s, he probably had little interest in anything other than relieving the Spanish of as much of their gold,silver and precious stones as he possibly could, but the golden strip of land we know today offers a whole new world of special entertainment for those of us who love to chase the little white ball.

The Baja is a fascinating contrast of desert and ocean – a wild, corner of the globe once home only to a few locals, it now boasts a population of almost 3 million of which more than 75% lives in the capital city, Mexicali, or in Tijuana. Both these cities are close to the U.S. border. Other important cities include Ensenada, San Felipe, Playas de Rosarito and Tecate and, of course, Los Cabos.

Los Cabos, located on the Sea of Cortez, is a land of sunny days and cool evenings, a vacation spot dedicated to sport. It’s a land of gorgious beaches and crystal, indigo waters where the diving and snorkeling isbeyond compare. Then there’s the whale watching, best experienced during November through February when the whales pass within a few hundred feet of the shore. Fishing is year-round and the local marine life includes some 850 species of seals, dolphins, giant manta rays and hammerhead sharks. You’ll also want to see the hidden rock formations around El Arco and the Pinnacle in the waters of The Sea of Cortez. All of this only adds to Los Cabos as an outstanding golf destination.

Los Cabos has two towns, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. They are located about 20 miles apart and connected by a four-lane highway and the area between them is known as “the corridor.” The corridor is where all major golf resorts are located, including Cabo del Sol.

Cab San Lucas is a bustling little tourist destination best known for its lively atmosphere, its nightlife, wide selection of restaurants and international cuisine, and its famous rock formation, “El Arco”, where the Pacific Ocean joins with the Sea of Cortés.

San José del Cabo is old-world Mexico, a quaint little town with authentic Mexican architecture. San Jose is the cultural center of Los Cabos where the streets are lined with gift shops, cafes restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.

Cabo is the center of Mexico's golfing community, from Cabo San Lucas to San José Del Cabo and all points in between. And, with its great natural beauty, awe-inspiring vistas and ever-dependable weather it’s a golfer's heaven, a mystical desert terrain upon which you’ll find some of North America's best golf courses.

The Golf Courses:

Palmilla Golf Club, in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, features a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course and luxury accommodations by One&Only Resorts.

Cabo del Sol is home to two amazing golf courses: the Jack Nicklaus Ocean Course and the Tom Wieskopf Desert Course.

Cabo Real features one of Robert Trent Jones finest works and yet another Jack Nicklaus masterpiece.

Where to Stay:

There are, of course, quite a few fine resorts in Los Cabos. Here are a few of my favorites.

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How to get There:

The closest airport is Los Cabos International Airport.

Look for the best airline and car rental deals with these two aggregators, which provide travelers with an up-to-date search tool to compare prices on airfares and car rentals of all ratings:

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And don’t forget: there are many other opportunities for great golf all over the world. Favorite locations include Scotland, Florida, the American Southwest, Bermuda, the Bahamas and many more. For up-to-date golf travel news and information, be sure to Subscribe to my weekly Newsletter.

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