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Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach Guide

Top Myrtle Beach Golf Courses


Image of TPC Legends Golf Course

TPC Legends Golf Course

Image Courtesy of Legends Golf Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

There are dozens of Myrtle Beach golf courses which, by the way, actually means golf courses on the "Grand Strand." The Grand Strand is a section of the Atlantic coastline that stretches from Brunswick County in North Carolina almost to Charleston in South Carolina. This amazing stretch of coastline incorporates more than 90 miles of the “Intracoastal Waterway,” one of nature’s natural wonders: wetlands, marshes, sandy beaches, and quiet, secluded coves, lakes and marshland. In turn, the golf courses in Myrtle Beach are unspoiled natural parklands where we golfers can enjoy the the best of both worlds: unspoiled natural beauty and golf, the game we love.

Set amid this area of great natural beauty is Myrtle Beach, one the world’s most golf-centric regions. The courses in and around Myrtle Beach are varied in the extreme. At the low end, some are decidedly mediocre, at the high end they can compete with any in the world. Green fees are as varied as are the courses: expect to pay fees from the inexpensive low $20s to the proverbial “arm-and-a-leg,” especially in high season. Myrtle Beach, with all it has to offer, not only for golfers, but for the entire family, should rank among every golfer’s Top 10 destinations.

You'll probably be amazed to learn that there are more than 120 public golf courses and luxury resorts in the greater Myrtle Beach Area. Below you can read reviews of some of my favorites:

Golf Course Management - The Courses:

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