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The Adams Golf Line of Golf Clubs, Hybrids and More


The Adams Golf Line of Golf Clubs, Hybrids, Irons and More
Adams Golf, Idea a120S, set of golf clubs

Adams Golf, Idea a120S, set of golf clubs

Photo Courtesy of Adams Golf
Thinking of a new set of golf clubs? You might like to consider the Adams Golf Line of Golf Clubs, Drivers, Hybrids, Irons. By now you probably know that hybrids have taken the place of long irons in the bags of many players. The reason why is simple, they make the game easier to play. One manufacturer that has continued to introduce unique innovations in this category is Adams golf.

The leader in hybrid technology, Adams has been No. 1 on Tour since 2008. What's more impressive is that many players who are under contract with other manufactures choose to play Adams. The same innovation used in the design for Tour players allows recreational golfers to improve their scores and take the dreaded long irons out of the bag.

With models targeted for single digit handicaps or those attempting to break 100, Adams ensures that a long approach to the green doesn't require a lay-up. New to the market are the Idea a12 and Idea a12 OS hybrids ($169), featuring Velocity Slot Technology. The latest from Adams' innovation laboratory produces a spring-like effect across the entire face, resulting in greater forgiveness and improved launch angle without increasing spin. Golfers ultimately enjoy higher ball speeds and increased distance.

In addition to traditionally lofted hybrids, Adams pioneered the concept of hybrid irons throughout the set, bringing true game improvement to mid and high handicappers. Constructing a unified set to match club characteristics, the company patented Transitional Hybrids to combine the larger sole design with the playability of short irons.

Engineers recently unveiled the best performing and easiest-to-hit hybrid iron set ever with the newest generation of the Idea family, the Idea a12 OS hybrid irons($699). Built with ultra thin faces, perimeter weighting and low center of gravity, the entire set is geared to getting the ball in the air quickly. Redesigned Transitional Hybrids with a "Truss Back" design allow better weight distribution and bridge the gap between the hybrids and the deep undercut cavity-back irons.

Carrying over the same award-winning innovation used in hybrids, Adams concentrated on perfecting aerodynamic properties to maximize performance. Assigning appropriate size and curvatures of the club promotes faster swing speed for greater distance. The shaping of the club head endures intense scientific research - including actual wind tunnel testing - to maximize its path efficiency.

The Speedline series of drivers is the first in the industry to combine the proven benefits of aerodynamic shaping with optimally balanced lightweight club construction. Extensive testing showed that lightweight drivers from other brands ended up with very high swing weights, which most players tend to hit right. So Adams strategically placed weight in key areas throughout the clubhead, creating lighter inertia around the grip, allowing golfers to hit the ball straighter with less effort required to release the club.

Lower handicappers will be interested in the company's tremendous iron offerings. After all, they are trusted by Tour stars like Aaron Baddeley and Ryan Moore. A series of cavity-backed models, such as the Idea CB2 ($999) and Idea Pro a12 ($799), feature vibration absorbing construction that optimizes feel and sound. The mid-width sole reduces turf interaction for consistent ball striking and a progressive offset perfects trajectories and distance through the entire set.

No matter what area of your set needs an upgrade, Adams Golf has the answer. You don't have to rely on us, Tour stars around the world have validated its ingenuity. Would you like to know more? If so, please visit the Adams Golf Website. More golf club reviews.

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