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Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Line


Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Line
Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Line

Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Line

Photo Courtesy of Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel

We all know what a great champion Arnold Palmer was; and we all know what a great personality he has - I was tickled to death to meet him at the Tiburon Golf Club a couple of years ago - but most people may not know that Arnie was, and still is, a trend setter and style icon both on and off the golf course. Now, you can join him. The Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Line was developed by Geoff Tait and Bobby Pasternak, co-founders of Quagmire Golf clothing who spent countless hours researching primary source material, including Palmer's personal library of photographs from the 1950s, '60s and '70s and archive of historically significant garments.

"The Arnie line of apparel represents the styles of clothing that are as popular today as they were in the earlier part of my career," says Palmer. "It's been a real thrill to see some of my signature pieces come back to life, and experience the enthusiasm Geoff and Bobby have for introducing them to the next generation."

Retailing from $79 and up, Arnie and Lifestyle is offering three distinct collections:

1950s Collection - During this period, Palmer showcased slim, clean-fitting clothes. His tops were distinguished by short plackets, small collars and shorter sleeves. Palmer tended to prefer his pants fitted and his outfits were often highlighted by the color red, which is exclusively found in the 1950s collection.

1960s Collection - When Palmer was dominating the competition, he was also looking the part. Wider legged pants, wider collars and longer shirt plackets were the style of the day. No golfer of the era looked as naturally cool as Palmer, especially in his staple color of blue, which is exclusively found in the 1960s collection.

1970s Collection (available in July) - While piloting his own plane around the world, Palmer's wardrobe continued to evolve and set trends. He chose shirts that reflected the style of the day, with slightly wider collars and long plackets, but the fit of his pants more closely resembled a modern boot cut. His color palette also became more subdued, hence grey being the signature color exclusive to the 1970s collection.

"For Arnie and his team to select us to bring his apparel line back to market -- and work so closely with us on the collection development -- has been an amazing experience," adds Pasternak, Director of Operations at Arnie apparel. "Everything, from the new two-color variation of the Arnold Palmer Umbrella to the fits and details, was a collaborative process."

The 2012 collection of the Arnie Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Line will be available at better green grass and off-course golf retailers, as well as major department stores.

Would you like to know more? You can, by visiting the Arnie Wear Website where you’ll find the entire line, plus pricing and ordering information.

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