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Adams Golf a12 OS Hybrid Irons – The Easiest-to-hit Hybrid Iron Set Ever
Adams Golf, Idea a120S, set of golf clubs

Adams Golf, Idea a120S, set of golf clubs

Photo Courtesy of Adams Golf
Engineers at Adamas Golf recently unveiled the best performing and easiest to hit set of hybrid irons, ever! The Idea a12 OS hybrid is the newest generation of the Idea family($699). Built with ultra thin faces, perimeter weighting and low center of gravity, the entire set is geared to getting the ball in the air quickly. Redesigned Transitional Hybrids with a “Truss Back” design allow better weight distribution and bridge the gap between the hybrids and the deep undercut cavity-back irons. To learn more about these new hybrids, and the complete Adams Golf line of golf clubs, please read my full review of Adams Golf Clubs.

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