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The Phantom - Sundog Eyewear For Fishermen, AND GOLFERS


New For 2013 – The Phantom, Sundog Eyewear For Fishermen, AND GOLFERS
The Phantom - Sundog Eyewear For Fishermen, AND GOLFERS

The Phantom - Sundog Eyewear For Fishermen, AND GOLFERS

Photo Courtesy of Sundog Eyewear
Sundog Eyewear for fishermen – The Phantom - performs just as well, perhaps even better, on the golf course as it does on the riverbank or boat. Ok, so I don’t fish; in fact I’d rather watch the grass grow, especially on a golf course, than spend countless hours drowning worms, or whatever it is they do, but the sport – fishing, that is – has, over the years, introduced some ground-breaking technologies that we all can enjoy, sunglasses being just one example. I have long been a fan of fan of Sundog eyewear, especially on the golf course, but when I was first introduced to the Phantom line of sunglass - specifically designed for fisherman - I wasn’t really that interested; as I said, I don’t fish.

Anyway, a persuasive friend said I should give the Phantom a try, so I did; and what a surprise. Now, I already knew about the Sundog Mela Lens technology – I’ve been wearing them for years - and we all know all about the advantages that polarized lenses offer, but I had never come across anything quite like Sundog’s Photochromic technology before. Ok, I said, so what exactly is it, and what does it do?

Sundog’s photochromic adaptation of the Mela Lens technology “simply means that the lens tint changes with light conditions. The greater the ultraviolet intensity (brighter light) – the darker the tint, and with lesser ultraviolet intensity (less brighter) – the lighter the tint.” Now that’s pretty cool. It’s tough to describe exactly how that effects vision, but I found that not only do colors seem a little more intense, the whole world seems just a little sharper, and the light a little brighter, even on an overcast day.

But look, a good quality pair of sunglasses will do a whole lot more for you than just shade your eyes from the sun; it will protect your eyesight itself from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays - UVA, UVB and UVC. And that’s extremely important to us golfers, because we spend long hours exposed to UV rays, rays that carry more energy than visible light rays, and that means our eyes and surrounding skin are at greater risk of damage. Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, especially over extended periods of time, can damage the front portion of the eye and UV rays can also cause, or advance the progress of, several eye diseases. And, of course, UVB rays have also been related to skin cancer. Most eye damage is irreversible so it’s extremely important to wear quality sun protection; good quality sunglasses; Sundog Eyewear can provide that protection. I know, as I’ve said before, I’ve been wearing Sundogs for years. Having said all that, there's a lot more you should consider when buying a pair of sunglasses.

So, now, with Sundog’s Phantom line of sunglasses for Fishermen, we golfers can enjoy greens and fairways that are just a little brighter, perhaps just a little sharper, and maybe even a little greener.<

The Phantom line of sunglasses offers a combination of all three of Sundog’s technologies:

  • The Mela Lens - which not only eliminates UV problems, but significantly reduces high energy visible light or blue light without color distortion. And they are also unique because they contain synthetic Melanin, the human body’s own defense mechanism from blue light.
  • Polarized - ”Sundog’s state-of-the-art polarizing filter provides superior florescence (glare) reduction and is enhanced by Mela-Lens filtration of High Energy Visible Light (veiled glare) reduction, delivering a superior level of eye protection.”
  • Photochromic – This, I think, is the real bonus offered by the Phantom line of Sundog eyewear.

There are, of course, many other brands of terrific eyewear that will provide protection from all the harmful effects of the sun, and I own quite a few, but I have found that I like, not only style in a pair of sunglasses, but comfort too. The new Phantoms are just that, comfortable to wear, and stylish too; and they make great gifts.

So, what do they cost, and how can you get your pair? Depending upon the features you require, a pair of Phantoms with cost between $129.99 and $169.99. You can purchase a pair online at the Sundog Eyewear website.

Important Tip: Before you buy a pair of sunglasses, any pair pair or brand, please check out my Four Tips On How To Buy A Pair Of Sunglasses.

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