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SwingSmart Golf Analyzer


SwingSmart Golf Swing Analyzer
SwingSmart Golf Analyzer

SwingSmart Golf Analyzer

Photo Courtesy of SwingSmart
There have been a number of products designed to improve the golf swing offered to the golfing public over the past several decades, some good, some not so good. The new SwingSmart Golf Swing Analyzer could just be one of the better ones. It does, as they say, offer a way to instantly improve your game by providing "instant and accurate feedback on the critical elements of a golfer's swing" Okay, so, how does it do that?

This is one unique little device, and it's quite unlike those very expensive lap-top driven systems you see in many the golf schools around the country. The Swing Smart Golf Swing Analyzer one goes with you to the driving range and works via Bluetooth and your smart phone,tablet or Android device. You simply attach the small device to the shaft of your golf club; from there it communicates, via Bluetooth to a free app, to your tablet or smart phone to provide such key information as swing tempo, swing speed, face angle and angle of attack. The system's unique "3-D Swing-View" allows the golfer to view the path of his or her club head in motion from a variety of angles. You can even save the data to your device for future reference. Better yet, golf instructor Peter Kostis, via the app, provides video tips for developing the ideal golf swing.

Does it really work, though? Or is it just another of those techie gadgets we love to buy, use a couple of times and then forget about? It depends, I suppose, on just how serious you are about your game, and how much time you already spend on the driving range. If you spend on only a few minutes per round warming up, then the SwingSmart is probably not for you. If, however, you regularly spend time working on your swing, then SwingSmart is an obvious addition to your bag, because it's so simple to set up and use, and the info it provides is just what you need to make any needed corrections to your swing.

If you do do decide to buy a SwingSmart, I would be interested in hearing you get on with with. Just drop me an email.It's fun little gadget with some real benefits, and it would make a great gift for the golfer in your life. The cost? You can get yours online at SwingSmart for $249.99.

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