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Find The Best Golf Courses In Southern California


Find The Best Golf Courses In Southern California
Find The Best Golf Courses In Southern California

The View From The 18th Tee at the Firecliff Golf Course in Palm Desrt

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There are more than 600 golf courses in Southern California. So, how do you find the best golf courses in Southern California? Well, you'll find that most of the iconic, championship golf courses are centered in and around such cities as Palm Springs, Carlsbad, Santa Barbara, Ojai, San Diego, Los Angeles and the like. And, needless to say, these locals are home to almost as many resorts, some grand, some not so hot (and I'm not talking about the weather). Some of these resorts are centered on golf complexes, and some - those that don't have on-ste facilities - have affiliations with local golf clubs, often offering reduced green fees to guests. The chances are, if you're visiting Southern California, you have a specific city or location in mind; you may be going as part of corporate convention, or you may just be planning a golf vacation. No matter what the reason might be, there will always be one important question at the top of your list of things to do: how can I find the best courses to play? And it's not an easy one to answer right off the cuff.

To help you figure it all out I have put together a list of properties - golf courses and resorts - centered upon six geographic regions or cities in Southern California, all within striking distance of Los Angeles (or Las Vegas). Each region or city will contain what I deem to be the best golf courses and resorts in that particular area. Each listing will contain a review of the golf course, or courses, the resort or hotel affiliated with in, and other such helpful information as green fees, facilities on-site, contact and booking information. You'll also find ideas and suggestions for places to stay. Many of them I know personally, the rest are favorites of personal friends.

Ok, so this will be an on-going project for me for at least a couple of months. And you should also bear in mind that any list of best places to play golf is also subjective. These choice are all mine and mine alone. To start you off, you'll find my list of the best place to play and stay in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area. Other cites and locations are listed below. I hope you find the listings will help you to find what you're looking for, the best round of golf and the vacation of a lifetime. Enjoy:

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