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Top Los Angeles Golf Courses and Resorts


Top Los Angeles Golf Courses and Resorts
Oak Quarry Golf Club, Los Angeles, California

Oak Quarry Golf Club, Los Angeles, California

Photo Courtesy of Oak Quarry Golf Club, Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California, is home to a great many fine golf and resorts, and it's a city I've visited many times in the past, not because I wanted to but mostly because I had to. Personally, I really don't enjoy the big city experience one bit. However, I can tell you that, corporate meetings aside, I have enjoyed my experiences in Los Angeles, and the golf too. There are, of course, huge numbers of people who, just like me, during the course of their business activities, do have to visit LA, and often. Having said that, I can't think of anyone I've ever met who has visited the area for a vacation, golf or otherwise. Still….

The opportunities for golf, as a sidebar or for a vacation, are seemingly endless. There are grand resorts, and grand golf courses, spread around the great city in all directions for a 100 miles, or more, and those, I'm sure, would be of special interest to residents of Los Angeles looking for that ultimate golf getaway, for a weekend or even longer. Carlsbad would be an excellent choice, as would be Palos Verdes, Long Beach and the City of Industry. Then, of course, San Diego with all it has to offer is less that an hour and half drive away; Palm Springs and its more than 100 golf courses and resorts is less than 100 miles to the east, and an easy two-hour drive. So, as you can see, the opportunities for great golf in and around the City of Angels are virtually endless; that being so, it makes a whole of sense to review and list the best public golf courses. The following listings will help you plan your trip, vacation, or golf getaway:

Golf Courses and Resorts Within 100 Miles of Los Angeles:

Now for those golfing opportunities in the greater Los Angeles area:

Where to Stay: Los Angeles Golf Resorts:

  • Terranea Resort, compare prices, Rancho Palos Verdes.
  • The Pacific Palms Resort & Conference Center, compare prices, City of Industry.
  • The Pelican Hill Resort compare prices, Newport Coast.
  • Long Beach Marriott Resort, Compare Prices, Long Beach.

That should give you a few ideas about where to stay. Now for those golf courses. As always, the picks are mine and mine alone, although I did get a little help from my friends. Hope you agree with me:

Los Angeles Public Golf Courses:

How to Get There:

Obviously, LAX is the main portal into Los Aneles. The airport is served by all major airlines, domestic and international.

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  • Airlines - Compare Prices for airfares to Los Angeles (LAX).
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And, of course, there are many other opportunities for great golf all over the United States, California and the world. Favorite locations include Scotland, Florida, the American Southwest, Bermuda, the Bahamas and many more. For up-to-date golf travel news and information, be sure to Subscribe to my weekly Newsletter.

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