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Why Take a Family Golf Vacation?

Three Good Reasons Why you should Take a Family Golf Vacation - Or Not


Photograph of a Kid Learning Golf - Kid Learning Golf Photograph

Kid Learning Golf

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If you're an avid golfer, the question is loaded and fraught with danger. If, however, you are just a sometime golfer, then the answers to the question could, possibly, bring a little balance to your life. After all, most family members figure you play enough without wanting to drag them off to some boring golf course. So, let's take a look at some of the reasons Why You Should Take a Golf Vacation, or not:

1. Most Golf Resorts Are Not Just For Golfers

Many of the grand Golf Resorts offer a whole world of facilities and amenities that go way beyond the game of golf - hard to believe, right? Many are located on some of the world's finest beaches. Those that are not, usually make up for the loss of sand and sea in other ways.

2. The grand resorts figure they MUST cater to the entire family, not just one (selfish? I don't think so!) member. Thus they go out of their way to make sure that you, from the smallest member of the family to the oldest, are well-looked after. Here's a few inland resorts that illustrate what I'm talking about:

Now lets take a look at some Beachfront Golf Resorts:

As you can see, if you checked out any of the above resorts, there's plenty to see and do for the whole family.

3. You Can Getaway - They Can Getaway:

All of us golfers get kinda fed up with listening to family members complaining: "You are always leaving me here while you go off and enjoy yourself; what about me?" Well, I think perhaps that it's a valid complaint... nah, and that's why I say taking a family golf vacation is a good idea. It gets you away from the house and work and, if you have to do your part to preserve family peace, the housework, too. YOU get to indulge yourself safe in the knowledge that the kids are being well-looked after by the resort staff, your spouse in enjoying a relaxing treatment in the resort spa, and... "Tomorrow is another day," and there will be more golf to play, and even more for the rest of the family to see and do while you play. So, you can get away from it all, and they can get away from it all. too.

The Again....

Ok, I know it's only a dream, and that most of us never will be able to persuade those that matter most to indulge us - at least I already know I can't. My wife would no more accompany me on a golf vacation than she would go on a cruise - "Those ships sink, you know." So, in the interests of my readers, I'll just have to continue suffer on my own, to visit those incredible resorts, play golf on internationally famous golf courses, enjoy the spa treatments all by myself, and eat like... well, you know what. As they say, it rough, dirty, nasty job but.... I'll be thinking of you.

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