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Top 10 US Golf Courses

What's YOUR Favorite Golf Course - Here Are My Top 10


St. Joe - Sharks Tooth Golf Club - 18th Hole

St. Joe - Sharks Tooth Golf Club - 18th Hole

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"Where's the best golf course in the United States?" It's a question I get asked almost on a daily basis, and it's not an easy one to answer. I've been privileged to visit a great many incredible golf courses around the US, and I'm visiting new ones every month. I'm always very much spoiled for choice, so my picks, below, for the top-10 golf courses in the USA is a list in a constant state of flux.

Please remember: the courses included in this list are my own personal favorites as of right now: the list is not an official scientific or polled set of ratings. You may like other courses, most people do. I will, of course, be updating the list from time to time, too.

Latest update: October 31, 2010: I've just returned from a second visit to Dove Mountain, Tucson. No change to the top position: the 27-hole Jack Nicklaus layout remains my all-time favorite.

  1. The Dove Mountain 27-Hole layout, Tucson, designed by Jack Nicklaus
  2. The Greg Norman Golf Course at Red Sky, Vail, CO
  3. Sawgrass PLAYERS Stadium Course, Florida
  4. Firecliff at Desert Springs, California
  5. Sharks Tooth Golf Club, St. Joe, Florida
  6. The Blue Monster at Doral, Florida
  7. Edgewood, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  8. Royal St. Kitts Golf Club Course
  9. The TPC at Sawgrass - Dye's Valley Golf Course
  10. Lucayan Golf Course, Freeport, Bahamas, a Dick Wilson design
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